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Dec 10, 2012 6:00am PST
in their biggest gains have been an education and health care. according to house all day the men had a 7.9 percent unemployment rate in november when women had 7.6. if your >> if you're wondering what happened to those as a grim photos were trying a share on twitter you are not alone. twitter says is the gramm has disabled total integration with a social network site. but ostensibly share from as the gramm via a direct link on twitter but the final is not visible on the tweet like before. as the gramm ceo says the company wants to build a bigger web presses by having voters vote users to view photos directly threatens to gramm's site. as the rams acquired earlier this year for $1 million by face by facebook. a cable-tv subscribers may have to read more cable boxes. a federal rule change today will allow cable companies to scramble all of their programming including local broadcast and public stations. the cable companies say this will allow them to reduce staff there and people from watching programs in paid for and improve customer service. the federal commission's communications commission had p
Dec 11, 2012 4:00am PST
department of education is ordering the can't feel school district to fired the volunteer group which had handled the program. the volunteers have handled the program for the past 30 years. only the district and oversee mill services that is a state law the department says it wants to pass. >> the district has sent a letter lay out its current program the matter will be discussed at a board meeting later today. >> after 144 years the university of california has a new logo. the original logo was designed in 1868, and is inscribed with the words let there be light. >> university officials say, the new steel is more simple and contemporary. in will appear on the school's marketing materials and web sites. but not everyone is happy about the new look. >> it looks really professional the old one dozen this one looks cartoonish. >> the old ones in the dignified. it seemed a part of a tradition of the school.the new one is ugly. >> i like the new one better it has the seal and all that stuff. the new one is just a blue thing with a seat on it not very interesting. >> there is an on-line petitio
Dec 10, 2012 4:00am PST
jobs and factor work. for women, their biggest gains have been an education and health care. >> according to the household data, man had a 7.91. rain in november, while women it was 746%. the gulf if you are wondering what happened to the is the gramm follows you were trying to share on twitter-- instagram . >> twitter says instagram has a stable full integrati with a social networking photo site. >> is the grant was acquired earlier this year for 1 million cause of facebook. >> today is suspected to be a record perfect. despite an economy that continues to struggle. a spokesperson with excess that they are expecting about 10 percent increase over last year between things living christmas. today 19 million packages along will go through the international network and the company plans to become worse as a reason for the increase. the busiest day for ups rejected the december 22nd that company also credits the commerce as the reason for an expected 6% increase in business. >> cable-tv subscribers may have to read more cable boxes. a federal rule change and they will allow cabl
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3